Out of left field #1

At GKP we always keep an eye out for the most interesting and unusual university stories to make the headlines.  These are our favourite education PR stories from February month that we think really deserve a second airing.  


10. Poor signal: the researchers who have discovered that the more television people watch the thinner a female body they prefer (Newcastle)
9. Monkey business: the research showing that toddlers are as inventive as wild apes at using tools (Birmingham)

8. Flexible friend: the university enticing next year’s students with a ‘safety net’ offer if they miss by one A-level grade (Reading)

7. Partners without benefits: the research that found partners were more influential than upbringing in making us obese (Edinburgh)

6. Sounds artificial: the academic who has created the first computer-generated musical (Cambridge, Goldsmiths, Durham)

5. Neigh hiding: the research that proves horses can recognize human emotion (Sussex)

4. Revealing nouns: the academic who believes a 30-second grammar test can determine whether you are liberal or conservative (Kent)

3. Meet and reek: the researchers who revealed why sweaty strangers are more disgusting than sweaty friends (Sussex and St Andrews)

2. Antarctic roll: the research proving beyond all possible doubt that fat penguins really do fall over more often than thin ones (London)

1. Iron sage: the university where a 250ft-statue of Margaret Thatcher has been suggested to encourage ‘sensible behaviour’ (Kent)

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