Out of left field #2

At GKP we always keep an eye out for the most interesting and unusual university stories to make the headlines.  These are our favourite education PR stories from March that we think really deserve a second airing. 


10. A bigger bun in the oven: The research showing that overweight women have larger babies (Bristol and Exeter)
9. Branching out: The university gifted with a cutting of Sir Isaac Newton’s apple tree (Lincoln)
8. Impounding hounds: The university using police sniffer dogs to stamp out drug use (Buckingham)
7. Read my lips: The university helping to solve crime with new lip-reading technology (East Anglia)
6. Mourning call: The research demonstrating that sad music helps people to grieve (De Montfort)
5. Kitchen coup: The research suggesting that women in the workplace makes men more likely to do the dishes (UCL)
4. Quit it!: The research demonstrating that nagging smokers doesn't help them to quit (Aberdeen & Zurich)
3. Smaller pay pack: The research suggesting that the shorter and fatter you are, the less you are paid (Exeter)
2. Ticker to ride: The research suggesting that The Beatles could be bad for your heart (Anglia Ruskin & Hull)
1. From fungi to fun guy: The Scottish fungus that kick-started the human race (Cambridge)

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