Out of left field #4

At GKP we always keep an eye out for the most interesting and unusual university stories to make the headlines. These are our favourite education PR stories from last month that we think really deserve a second airing.

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10. Bad dog!: The research showing that Labradors are genetically hard-wired for greed  (Cambridge)

9. Keep your friends close: The university suggesting that people with more friends have higher pain thresholds (Oxford)

8. Old beyond your years: The scientists claiming a meat-heavy diet makes you age quicker (Glasgow)

7. Tingling sensation: The research demonstrating that flowers make a bee's hair tingle (Bristol)

6. Karma police: The scientist telling us that women who are cheated on win in the long-term (UCL)

5. Going south: The scientists claiming that regional accents are becoming more southern (Cambridge)

4. Barefoot brainiacs: The study illustrating that children with no shoes on do better in the classroom (Bournemouth)

3. Genetic lottery: The research showing how genes helped shape your nose (UCL)

2. Cry me a river?: The university showing it's simply not possible (Leicester)

1. Expelliarmus!: The university testing the reality of Harry Potter spells (Leicester)

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