Out of left field #5: Brexit Special

Brexit has sent shockwaves throughout the UK, not least in higher education. In a time of economic and political uncertainty, academics have sought to shed like on this uncertain and polarising matter. Here's ten stories from the past week that we think you ought to read.

Education PR Brexit

10.  De Montfort: Professor Jonathan Davies explores the role of austerity in the decision to leave the EU.

9. Manchester: Professor Diane Coyle talks trade tariffs, employment and immigration. 

8. City: Professors Anastasia Nesvetailova and Ronen Palan give their take on why Brexit will be worse than the 2008 crash. 

7. Oxford: Professor Horst Eidenmuller discusses the complications of negotiating Brexit.

6. Aberdeen: Professor Michael Keating on the alternatives to EU membership. 

5. Liverpool: Professor Michael Parkinson discusses the threat Brexit poses to social cohesion in the UK.

4. Bath: Professor Nick Pearce delves into the political economy of Brexit.

3. Goldsmiths: Dr Will Davies sheds light on why areas most dependent on the EU, voted to leave.

2. De Montfort: Dr Carol Weaver suggests that Brexit could lead to a ‘two-tier membership’ of the EU.

1.  Cambridge: Professor Mark Elliot explains why Scotland cannot legally block Brexit.

As comms professionals we were also very interested in this study from Loughborough -  an analysis of referendum media coverage which has been quoted by many politicians, national print and broadcast press, and scores of political commentators.

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