Out of left field #7

At GKP we always keep an eye out for the most interesting and unusual university stories to make the headlines. These are our favourite education PR stories from August that we think really deserve a second airing. 

10. Moving on: The academic suggesting the best way to get over an ex (Lancaster) 

9. Too bee or not to bee: The study showing that bees have different personalities (Queen Mary)

8. Read all about it: The university producing the dyslexic-friendly version of the latest Harry Potter book (South Wales)

7. Good Samaritan: The university suggesting that volunteering isn’t satisfying until you hit 40 (Southampton)

6. Plan B: The university suggesting that the key to success is the businessman, not the business plan (Glasgow)

5. Round we go: The students making Olympian cyclists faster (Cambridge)

4. A man's best friend?: The research suggesting your dog won’t help you when you're in need (Portsmouth)

3. Women are from Mars, too: The research showing that men and women’s brains are more similar than we thought (Aston)
2. A psychopathic president?: The academic claiming Trump outscores Hitler on psychopathic traits (Oxford)
1. Swipe right: The university using Tinder to recruit students (Salford)

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