Out of left field #21

At GKP we always keep an eye out for the most interesting and unusual university stories to make the headlines. These are the stories from October that we think really deserve a second airing.

Education PR

1.  Survival of the Fittest. The fit researchers who’ve discovered that healthy eating combined with a fitness regime can add 10 years to your life (Southampton)

2.  Blueberry Brainstorm. The research proving that wild blueberries really are a superfood when it comes to boosting brainpower (Reading)

3.  Greatest Tits. The ornothology specialists who’ve discovered that British Great Tits have  better survival rates than their European counterparts due in part to the British ‘Twitching’ fascination. (Sheffield)

4.  Puppy Dog Eyes. The canine researchers proving that man’s best friend can be slightly manipulative too.  (Plymouth)

5.  There’s No Place Like Home. The research confirming nostalgic memories of places we love not only shape who we are, but offer deep physical and psychological benefits.  (Surrey)

6.  Bromance Heartbreakers. The researchers saying that ‘friend-zoning’ females is on the up as the age of the Bromance and Tinder threatens traditional heterosexual dating (Winchester)

7.  And Pigs Will Fly. The scientists who’ve invented an ingenious method of eating without having to do the washing up – food levitation (Sussex)

8.  Grazed and Confused. The university researchers proving that there’s no such thing as a guilt-free steak lunch (Oxford)

9.  Booze Without the Blues. The super scientist taking the kick out of Moscow Mules and the bang from Alabama Slammers while maintaining all the upside, hangover free. (Imperial)

10.  Avocado Anxiety.  The research uncovering what really keeps Millennials awake at night (Goldsmiths)

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