And the best university YouTube film award goes to...

Vibrant, interactive and innovative social media campaigns have become the mainstay for the majority of universities clamouring to build a connection with potential applicants before the all important UCAS deadline in January. We’ve taken a look at our three favourite YouTube films that universities have commissioned.

Manchester University is on dazzling form this year quoting Lao Tzu (the Father of Taoism) and using the theme of ‘Stellify’, meaning ‘to transform into a star’.  They're wooing prospective, star- struck applicants via You Tube, Facebook and Twitter.  Dazzling, we say. 

Keele University is proudly exploiting its credentials as the Guardians No1 choice for course satisfaction 2018 and winners of a Teaching Excellence Framework Gold Award.  It is shouting about the #KeeleDifference and #KeeleBecause across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.  

Finally, we love Birmingham University's use of drone technology to whet the appetites of any would be applicants pre open day. Its stunning YouTube campus tour video, themed with the universities motto ‘Per Adua Ad Alta’ – Through Efforts To High Achievements, is an impactful and all-encompassing film showcasing all that Birmingham has to offer.  

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