Social media for schools – the do’s and don’ts

Learning the etiquette of social media isn’t always easy.  There are an awful lot of unwritten rules when it comes to best practice and good behaviour.  Whether it’s Facebook, or Twitter or Instagram, we’ve pulled together 7 top tips that we’ve learnt along the way to help anybody running their school’s social media accounts.

Education PR

1) Prioritize.  Don’t spread your social efforts too thin. Focus on the two or three platforms that you know your parents are using rather than the next ‘new thing’.

2) Don’t copy and paste.  Of course you’ll want to share the same news across different platforms but take the time to write an original message for each social media channel based on how parents interact with it.

3) Interact.  Don’t just ‘push’ out news from your school.  Interact with your parents or prospective parents.  Answer their questions quickly and help them with solutions when they’re frustrated. 

4) Avoid poor spelling and grammar.  You’re in the business of education. Need we say any more on the matter! Have a colleague proofread before you share anything.

5) Think in pictures.  Photos and videos lead to more clicks and likes, but you need to be mindful of your school policies and whether you have parental permission to use a child’s image.

6) Don’t Beg.  Don’t ask Facebook friends to “like” your page or Twitter followers to retweet. If your content is good people will share it for you.

7) Don’t worry about sharing the same message again and again.  It’s fine to share a message again if you want to maximise the chances of a parent seeing it. But think about how you can slightly reword it or use a new image rather than repeating it word-for-word or image-for-image.

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