Out of left field #14

At GKP we always keep an eye out for the most interesting and unusual university stories to make the headlines. These are our favourite education PR stories from March that we think really deserve a second airing.

Education PR

10. Average Joe: The universities piecing together what the average medieval man looked like (Cambridge & Dundee)

9. Forgotten manuscripts: The academic who brought an abandoned Franz Liszt opera to life (Cambridge)

8. Cut to the cheese: The study suggesting that people who eat more cheese are thinner (University College Dublin)
7. When in Rome: The university offering students a free online course to explore the Rome of 315AD (Reading)
6. Sexy'n'sophisticated: The study showing that women who dress sexier appear more intelligent (Bedfordshire)
5. Turn your lights down low: The university with tips on how to get teenagers out of bed in the morning (Surrey)
4. Siesta, forever: The scientists urging bosses to let employees take a nap in the afternoon (Leeds)
3. Look into my eyes: The scientists revealing the truth behind hypnosis (Sussex)
2. No more Mr Nice Guy: The study claiming that people think they’re nicer than they actually are (Goldsmiths)
1. They came, they saw: The researcher claiming that the average English person owes 20 per cent of their DNA to the Vikings (Warwick)

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