Breezin’ through the season: helping your students through exams

It’s that time of year again. Exam season, exam term, exam month. Whatever your university calls it, students everywhere have already begun nesting in the library arming themselves with Red Bull, Pro Plus and whatever other caffeinated substance they can find that can be ingested or inhaled.  

Here at GKP, we’ve collated our top 4 initiatives universities have employed to help their students breeze through exam season. 

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4. No one understands the pressures of exam season better than students themselves. #Revisewise, a clever social media campaign launched by the University of Essex, encourages students to share their best revision tips online. It’s pretty safe to assume that students still need to be reminded not to leave revision to the last minute, right?


3. Likewise, student blogger at Durham, Karen Frost, has reminded students of the importance of human interaction during exam season. A revision buddy, a lunch buddy, even small talk with the librarian will suffice, just be sure to remind your students that the world exists beyond their books. It’s key to staying sane.

2. Back to the animal world; this time it’s our furry canine friends to the rescue. The University of Leicester’s #Doggydates isn’t the first use of dogs to combat exam stress and it certainly won’t be the last. Canines are natural-born empathisers and the calmness they exhibit is contagious. We certainly hope this idea will be too.

Education PR

1. Finally, it’s worth telling your students how not to revise. Keele University has posted a useful 3-minute video to their Facebook page showing students how to resist the number one enemy of revision - procrastination. The coffee breaks, the Facebook breaks and the breakdowns all add up. The moral of the story: manage your time effectively – or it may end up managing you.

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