Out of left field #16

At GKP we always keep an eye out for the most interesting and unusual university stories to make the headlines. These are our favourite education PR stories from May that we think really deserve a second airing.

Education PR

10. Pub Painkiller: The university with the medical prescription we all hoped for (Greenwich)

9. Cursing Curls: The study suggesting swearing helps us tolerate pain (Keele)

8. The Nonagenarian Grad: The 98 year old graduate (Roehampton)
7. The Royal Fresher: The princess coming to town (Leeds)
6. Compassionate Bookworms: The genres of book which boost emotional intelligence (Kingston)
5. Herbal Remedies: The Ancient Greek revision hack growing in the garden (Northumbria)
4. Cracking Cat Code: The study decoding what cats are really thinking (Lincoln)
3. Pain Watch: The first clinical trial using technology to assess pain (Manchester)
2. Professor Lego: The child mental health expert becoming a "Professor of Play" (Cambridge)

1. Back to Learning: The free language course for Syrian refugees which boosts integration (Sussex)

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