The virtual milk round

Are the best jobs skimmed online? Have traditional methods been switched for soy alternatives?

The Milk Round is the traditional picture in the UK of the transition from student to career, when companies come to town, advertising job opportunities and hiring the crème de la crème of graduates. But is that picture changing?
While the milk van has not tootled off the campus, today’s graduates-to-be are much more likely to begin their job hunt on websites like, which collate thousands of graduate opportunities, rather than at a fair

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As a result employers are using virtual tools to recruit in interesting ways. PricewaterhouseCoopers hosts virtual webex events to promote their range of opportunities. This crosses university borders, meaning it no longer matters so much if a recruiter doesn’t come directly to your campus. Surely a more efficient system, widening access beyond traditional stomping grounds. 

Some graduate opportunities are even moving online. Virtual or ‘e-Internships’ are on the increase, popular in the US and now growing in the UK. 

Of course not everything can be so easily transferred into a digital environment and there is certainly still value in meeting potential employers in person,  giving a face and feel to a company.
And the number of career fairs that still exist suggest that companies still believe this a highly effective way to recruit.

What has really changed though is the way Universities and companies promote those career fairs with social media and programmatic adverts now leading the charge as the main communications tools. 

Overall, it looks as though the Milk Round’s space online serves to complement and enhance, rather than substitute, the traditional one. What technology seems to offer is an evening out the playing field and the opportunity to promote innovative new ways of recruitment and working practice.

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