Digital tours of the campus

It's open day season. Nowadays, those that can’t travel in person still have the opportunity to take a nosy around. We’ve compared several university virtual tours to see who does this best.

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Virtual tours come in especially useful for getting a taste of places that are perhaps a little further afield. Every Friday at 2pm, you can hop on the virtual tour bus and join a live tour of King’s College Campus, transmitted via Periscope. The video is around for 24 hours afterwards. Benefits of this are students watching remotely can be part of the conversation, asking their own live questions and hearing the conversations taking place from the actual tour. They’ll also see the most dynamic and real-time version of the campus, rather than a video filmed on an uncharacteristically sunny day six months ago.

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Loughborough’s easily navigable 360° tours have left no stone unturned. You can inspect facilities so close up you can read the menu in the café, in fact you’ll probably scrutinise even closer than you’d feel polite doing in person. With somewhere like Loughborough, so renowned as a sports specialist, it’s important to be able to compare how facilities might vary from the sort you’ve trained on before. 

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We’re impressed by various Schools’ ‘Virtual Open Days’, which begin with an introductory video and then ‘take’ you around all the important parts of their department, from iconic statues to lecture rooms. Take to the Civil Engineering tour right now for instance.

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Go beyond your university walls and celebrate the local area with virtual tours of the city around you, a huge aspect of university life. Newcastle offers up atmospheric virtual views of Gateshead Millenium Bridge by both day and night.

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Colleges offer 360° tours, from the dining hall to the library to students’ rooms. It’s a nice touch that they’re filled with students at work and play within these everyday environments, rather than just seeing the sterile empty rooms as you would in a property brochure. The picture quality of the tours is so great you almost go to strike up a conversation with a group sitting on the quad, before you realise you’ll just be small-talking with your laptop screen.

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