5 things every good school video should avoid

There are loads of common mistakes that schools make when producing a new promotional video for their website.  Here we outline the 5 traps that schools often fall into and the ways to avoid them.

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1) Not keeping your target audience in mind

Remember your video is being made for parents (and potentially students), not you and your team. Avoid the trappings of educational jargon or unfamiliar acronyms and frame the content to speak to parents and the things they would want to know.

2) No clear objective

There’s no point making a video for the sake of it. Before you begin, decide what message you want your film to convey. Then stick to it. Too many messages at once will come across as muddled and prove ineffective.

3) Too long

Parents are busy people. They’re likely watching your film for a quick taster of your school or for another specific reason. Keep your points concise and stick to a manageable structure, such as demonstrating each of your school’s values with one clip of footage each.

4) Too much talking, not enough showing

Take advantage of the multisensory nature of video and incorporate the action of your school in your film, whether it’s musical performances, art lessons or playground sports. There’s no point putting together a film made up entirely of (quite literally) talking Heads, only to bore your viewers. Think creatively and use what’s available: could for example your science department fire up the Bunsen burners and perform extraordinary experiments for you to capture or camera?

5) Don’t Forget a Call to Action

An engaging video is your opportunity to ask something of the viewer. Whether it’s coming along to an Open Day or following the school Instagram account. Not everybody will do it, but people will be much more receptive after enjoying the positive associations your video will hopefully have put in their mind. 

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