Results day and clearing

It’s results week and the hashtag #ResultsDay2017 has begun to rear its head. We’ve taken a look at how universities are taking to social media to communicate about the big day, whether it’s to wish students luck, share course details or outline clearing procedures.

Education PR
Education PR

De Montford, for instance, has rolled out eye-catching banners across their social pages, mirroring the dramatics of results day.

Several universities have shared stories (and sometimes inspirational quotes) of individuals finding places through clearing and things working out successfully, such as Shannon at Northampton.

Meanwhile, Hull has evoked a personal touch, pairing their clearing contact info with tales from alumni about what made them #ChooseHull.

But it’s Southampton Solent taking things the furthest this year, as they’re opting to offer university places via Snapchat and Instagram.

Solent claims to be adapting to how young people are communicating on a daily basis. 

“For young people, picking up the phone to discuss their future on results day can be quite daunting, which is why we look to grow and adapt how students can contact us” says Rebecca Hollington, Recruitment Events and Prospects Manager at Solent.

Staff will be able to use filters and emojis when talking to students and can even send selfies congratulating them if they’re accepted! Rebecca adds, “we’re hoping the students will get creative with the photos they send through as well - as long as we can see the grades!”.

If your institution has taken to social media this Results Day and we’ve not included you – get in touch and let us know what you’re sharing @GKPComms

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