Five reasons to mobile-optimise your school website

Ensuring your school site is mobile friendly is not an optional extra but essential. The benefits ripple further than you might expect, affecting even your SEO and Ofsted report. 
Here are five reasons to mobile-optimise your school website.

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1)  Ease of Use

Those moments when parents or students need to look something up are often going to be when away from their computers, rushing out the door for the school run or at the school gate. Mobile-friendly websites load faster, have clearer menus and larger text, and make it altogether easier and faster to use. Busy parents will thank you for it.

2)  SEO

Google penalises websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, therefore by ensuring it is you’ll help your school’s placing in search results, giving it a competitive edge above other schools

3) Instilling confidence

As an institution, it is your role to impart skills into your students they will need in the future. Today, these skills revolve heavily around I.T., with schools teaching coding and emphasising the importance of technology. Set an example with a leading, responsive website and don’t panic parents that you don’t know what you’re doing with a frustrating, old-fashioned one.

4)  Ofsted

Yes, even Ofsted will be looking at your website and considering its user friendliness. A mobile-friendly website will contribute positively to your overall report.

5)  Hooking parents in

It’s been proven that users spend more time on mobile-optimised websites. That’s more chance for readers take in your school news, upcoming events and any other exciting content you want taken notice of.

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