#FreshersWeek17 - From Bongo Bingo to Massaoke

#Fresher’sWeek17 is fast approaching with its usual mix of club nights, pub crawls and live music.  In a departure from the usual Going Social post we’ve done some digging and trawled through the online Ents lists up and down the country to uncover some of the more unusual, hidden gems on offer.

Newcastle University has always had a reputation for providing the Mother of all Fresher’s weeks and 2017 is no exception. The NUSU nails it again with a frenzy of crazy, one off nights to suit the ficklest of Fresher’s.  

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What better way to pledge allegiance to your new Halls of Residence than through the time honoured medium of fancy dress based on your jungle animal ears? (to be found in the Newcastle University Fresher’s goodie bag).  In Clash of the Halls you can battle your rivals on the dance floor while channelling your inner tiger, or elephant, or hippo.  

If that’s not your bag, and you selected Newcastle on your UCAS form purely as an homage to Geordie Shore, Gaz and Aaron, those veritable heroes will all be within touching distance at many of the Fresher’s club nights throughout the week.  WAY. AY. 

Fancy some Bongo Bingo?  If you’re heading off to Liverpool University you’re in for a treat this year.  Get ready for eyes down and a night of impromptu raves, dance offs, hands in the air anthem singing and prizes so bad they’re good. 

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Ever heard of Massaoke? No? Us neither, but apparently it’s all the rage at St Andrews University.  In a nutshell it’s a live band sing-a-long club night playing the greatest pop, indie and rock anthems of all times with crowd singalongs, guided by big screen lyrics.

And if you thought the Thai Full Moon parties in Kho Phangan were only the stuff of backpacker legend – think again!  Coventry University is hosting its own UV Full Moon Party and bringing the spirit of Thailand to Coventry for one night only.

Hands up if you wished Fresher’s Week was longer?  The good news is Queens University Belfast is listening and proud to be one of the only universities in the country to have a Fresher’s Fortnight (because one week simply isn’t long enough to cram it all in). Where else could you expect to get a free The Big Brunch courtesy of the student’s union? Although in this instance, the old adage “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” may ring true. You’ll need all the strength you can get from the complimentary Ulster Fry to then take part in Colour Fest the biggest, brightest and loudest Fresher’s Party to ever hit Queens university.

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Finally, remember your own Fresher's Week when you latched on to the wrong people too quickly in a desperate attempt to look popular and then realised it’s not you it’s them. Well Strathclyde University’s Speed Meeting is the ice breaker event to avoid such a scenario.  This quirky take on speed dating invites you to meet new friends quickly with the luxury of speedy interview style questions.  Take control and meet other like-minded souls – you’ll have a bar table full of friends for life within the hour...perhaps. 

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