Talking Heads #4

Education Public Relations

At GKP we are always on the lookout for the head teachers hitting the headlines. These are the stories from the last four weeks that really caught our eye.

Topics on head teachers’ minds as they fell into the swing of the new school year included the message reality television is not reality, how parents are asking older siblings to sit the 11 plus and redundant stationery.

Jane Lunnon, head of Wimbledon High School, spoke out against the ‘trivial’ message of reality shows like Love Island, arguing they are in danger of undermining the #MeToo movement.

Nicky Murray, headteacher of Burnside Primary School in Carnousite, Scotland, shared 20 tips for every head to follow to become a better leader of their school.

Former head Bernard Trafford wrote out against forcing teenagers into volunteering or sports teams, arguing it’ll only work when it’s their own choice.

• Primary head Jon Le Fevre, head at Pilgrims Cross CE Primary School in Andover wanted to see a charter signed by schools to not put too much pressure on Year 6 Sats and instead prioritise wellbeing and a broader education.

Several heads spoke out about fraudulent takers of the 11 plus, claiming older siblings sit the exam on behalf of younger ones.

Stephen Lehec, head of Kingston Grammar School, suggested schools could do more to keep in touch with former students to check in on their mental health.

• And on the same important topic, assistant head at City of London School Andrew McBroom outlined his whole school approach to mental health, with Mental Health First Aid training and full-time counselling provision.

Julian Thomas, head of Wellington College, weighed into the homework debate saying the issue centres on the quality of homework, as it’s too often ‘mind-numbing and of little educational value’.

Adrienne Richmond, head at The Mount School, is referred to as the Chief Executive rather than the Head Teacher. She discussed staying relevant to schools.

• And last but not least, Mark Roberts, assistant head of Tavistock College quipped on the items of stationery which have rendered themselves void, glue sticks, highlighters and red pens all facing the mirth.

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