Talking Heads #6

At GKP we are always on the lookout for the head teachers hitting the headlines. These are the stories from the last four weeks that really caught our eye.

Education PR

Topics on head teachers’ minds as they rushed towards the Christmas break included outdated stereotypes, the needs of the ‘phigital’ generation and the importance of playing conkers.

Edward Roberts, Assistant Head at University College School Hampstead, outlines his school’s ‘endangered instrument scheme

Michael Tidd, Head of Medmerry Primary in West Sussex, explained why this month is so tough on teachers

Daniel Goodhew, Head of Latymer Upper School, discussed how his school’s international links can counter rising xenophobia

Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, Head of Stowe School, warned how schools must adapt to the needs of the “phigital” generation and their future flexible careers

Jane Prescott, Head of Portsmouth High School, weighed into the debate on unconditional offers suggesting university applications should only be made after exam results are received

Dorothy MacGinty, Head of Kilgraston School, detailed her observations on the differences in inspections between schools in England and Scotland

Suzie Longstaff, Head of Putney High School, highlighted the value of teaching business enterprise

Colin Baty, Head of Bedales Pep School, talked up the importance of simple pleasures, like the seasonal favourite, conkers

Gwen Byrom, Head of Loughborough High School, warned against parents’ outdated stereotypes influencing girls’ careers

And Sally-Anne Huang, head of James Allen’s Girls’ School, said that, due to bursaries, private schools have higher diversity levels than grammar schools

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