6 reasons your school should be using Twitter

There are many inspiring teachers on Twitter sharing perspectives and resources.  But is there also an argument for schools to embrace twitter as a communication platform too?   Here are just 6 reasons why your school ought to be on Twitter.

Education PR

1. Twitter is a fast way to get a message out

Assuming that your parent body is on Twitter, you can instantly update them on news that is happening at the school or has an impact on students.

2. Twitter lets you run online focus groups

Twitter is a great way to listen to what parents have to say about your school – the good, the not so good, and sometimes the downright…(you get the picture!).  Listening to parents on Twitter will give you all sorts of ideas about what they like and what they’d like to see you do more of.  

3. Twitter lets you market your open evenings, school tours, etc, etc

Twitter lets you share details of any initiatives you are planning in order to attract new parents and students.  What’s more, it’s free (unless you engage an agency like GKP to manage your feed or use Twitter Ads to amplify your messages).

4. Twitter lets you spy on your competition

Following other schools on Twitter is an effective and simple way to see what other schools are talking about as well as a great way to hear what parents think about those schools too. Collating this type of information can be invaluable when preparing future marketing activity for your own school.

5. Twitter can help with recruitment

And we don’t just mean for jobs at the school.  If you’re looking for parent volunteers to help run an event, then Twitter is a fast tool to get the message out there.

6. Twitter helps drive traffic to your website

Research suggest that almost half (47%) of the people that visit a Twitter profile, also go on to look at the website linked to that profile.

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