Talking Heads #10

At GKP we are always on the lookout for the head teachers hitting the headlines. These are the stories from the last four weeks that really caught our eye.

Education PR

10. Keziah Featherstone, Head at Q3 Academy Tipton and co-founder of #WomenEd on the dos and don’ts of engaging in “banter” with students, and making sure you’re never the butt of a joke.

9. Jane Lunnon, Head of Wimbledon High School on how too many parents and teachers “overparent”, which prevents resilience building and learning from mistakes.

8. Rachael Shaw, Head at Branston Junior Academy (Linconshire) on banishing self-doubt, still lingering after 26 years as a teacher.

7. Julia Harrington, Head of Queen Anne’s School (Caversham) and founder of BrainCanDo on teaching teenagers more about their developing brains to help deal with “mood swings” and improve cognitive performance along with attitude to learning.

6. Melvyn Roffe, Head of George Watson’s College (Edinburgh) on the mistake of “pitting” independent and state schools against each other.

5. Alanda Phillips, Head of prep at Leweston School on the ‘calming influence’ and positive effects on pupils of a dog in their classroom and Jane Herod on how pupils' engagement during reading time improved dramatically through sessions with a Katie the Irish Setter.

4. Julia Harrington (again), on how her school has worked with neuroscientists to better understand the teenage brain, creating a “neuroscience” revision guide.

3. Amy Sellars, Assistant Head at Latymer Upper School on writing to parents due to concerns about vaping amongst teenagers.

2. Mark Enser, Head of geography and research at Heathfield Community College on the need to stop blaming all of society’s problems at the school gates (climate change to knife crime).

1. Yvonne Williams, Head of English and Drama at Portsmouth High School on just what a more female-friendly profession might look like.

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