Out of left field #36

At GKP we always keep an eye out for the most interesting and unusual university stories to make the headlines. These are the stories from April that we think really deserve a second airing.

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10. From Another Planet: The Oxford academic claiming aliens are breeding with humans to produce a hybrid species capable of saving the planet from disasters (tell them to hurry up!) (Oxford)

9. Bragging Ban: The University Challenge victors who had to keep schtum from gloating for a year (Edinburgh)

8. Shadow of Slavery: The university investigating the ways it profited off colonial slavery and considering reparations (Cambridge)

7. Generation Gap: The pioneering study into the differences in the way young and older friends interact, in an effort to reduce loneliness (Aberdeen)

6. Suing School: The university having to fork out a 3000% increase in compensation to students (Gloucestershire)

5. University Fools: The best of April Fools from universities around the UK, such as a “ban on pre drinking” in a Belfast halls

4. Debt Ridden: The rise in number of students turning to loan sharks to deal with hidden costs at university

3. Institutions Exposed: The universities’ cyber-defences defeated in two hours flat

2. Don’t Tell: The £87 million UK universities spend on NDAs and gagging orders to cover up sexual misconduct, bullying and harassment

1. Mail’s Millennial Hate: The disparaging take from the Mail on Sunday over a university’s efforts to help students overcome exam anxiety with a mock (Oxford)

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