Out of left field #38

At GKP we always keep an eye out for the most interesting and unusual university stories to make the headlines. These are the stories from June that we think really deserve a second airing.

Education PR

10. Tanking Ranking: The lowest ever position Cambridge has placed in a world league table (Cambridge)

9. Bathroom Border Issue: The ‘Brexit style referendum’ over gender-neutral toilets (Oxford)

8. Soaring Studies: The ‘extreme’ flying lessons in a university plane (Cranfield)

7. Period Presents: The provision of free sanitary products in male toilets, allowing men to pick them up “for their partners or friends” (Dundee)

6. Sleepless in Swansea: The town that couldn’t sleep during ‘ridiculous volume’ of university summer ball (Swansea)

5. Safe Swigging: The university providing spiked-drinks testing kits in student welcome packs (Bath Spa)

4. Meow-vellous: The awards presented by Rolf the campus cat (Warwick)

3. AI-tist: The gallery exhibiting work made by Ai-Da, the humanoid robot (Oxford)

2. Spearheading Sustainability: The universities minister arguing universities can be key to the UK's 'carbon neutral revolution'

1. Indecent Treatment: The university accused of ‘institutional thuggery’ for axing a blind student and father of four, now facing deportation (Dundee)

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