Talking Heads #14

At GKP we are always on the lookout for the head teachers hitting the headlines. These are the stories from the last four weeks that really caught our eye.


10. Simon Henderson, Head of Eton College, on the bursary launched in The Sun appealing for readers to apply for their children to apply for Eton

9. Kevin Stannard, Head of Innovation and Learning, Girls’ Day School Trust, on educating students about the pioneering environmental activists

8. Melvyn Roffe, Head of George Watson’s College (Edinburgh), on the importance of running school trips overseas

7. Dr John Hind, Head of Dame Allan’s Schools, on how to inspire girls to study STEM subjects

6. Geoff Barton, Association of School & College Leaders and former headteacher, on holding Boris accountable to his pledge for a multi-billion pound boost for schools

5. Helen Pike, Head of Magdalen College School, on hosting house parties for teenage children

4. Various former heads on life and work after quitting careers as a head teacher

3. Sue Hincks, Head of Bolton School (Girls’ Division), on single-sex schools being better because curriculums can be tailored to gender

2. David James, Deputy Head of Bryanston School, on how market forces are the way to achieve educational equality

1. Jules White, Head of Tanbridge House School, on organising a march to Downing Street attracting over 5000 heads

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