What is the Crisis Communications Protection Service?

All schools – whether they serve well-off communities or disadvantaged ones – can find themselves the focus of unwelcome media attention. Handling such attention can be daunting, disruptive and expensive.  And while some schools will never have had to deal with a media storm a lot more have not been so fortunate. 

Just as you take out contents insurance to protect your home or school, our Crisis Communications Protection Service will cover you against the unforeseen costs of dealing with a particularly difficult situation or incident that requires specialist communications management and support.

Why do you need the Crisis Communications Protection Service?

Schools have never faced such high levels of scrutiny. Media interest in schools has been at unprecedented levels for a number of years to the point where crises seem almost commonplace. 

Even if an investigation into an alleged misdemeanour finds the accused parties innocent, the costs of hiring a public relations advisor to support you through the incident, deal with media enquiries, advise on appropriate social media activity, and help with parent communications can still be substantial. 

The GKP Crisis Communications Protection Service helps schools manage the unforeseen costs of dealing with even the most challenging media crises. Our annual protection scheme gives schools unlimited public relations support for the following specific incidents:

Illegal student and teacher relationships

Student extremism

Financial impropriety

Acts of God

We will provide you with much more than just advice at the end of the phone.  Our service is hands-on and includes elements such as drafting media statements, talking to journalists on your behalf and preparing parent correspondence and question & answer documents.

What is the cost?

The cost of our Crisis Communications Protection Service is just £1,200 per year + VAT.  That’s the equivalent of just £100 per month for peace of mind and access to expert consultancy should you need it.

What is the next step?

To ensure you are protected in the event of a major incident at your school and to receive the necessary representation from GKP without any concern over additional fees please contact us without delay. 

Unfortunately, we can’t protect you from a crisis situation developing, but we can ensure that you have full communications support.  Simply complete our contact form and one of the team will be in touch with an application form containing our terms of business for you to sign.  As soon as we receive your payment your protection will commence.

If you’d like to talk to us about how Gerard Kelly & Partners can help you with your school’s crisis PR plan then please do not hesitate to contact us. contact us.