Digital marketing considers the different ways that target audiences and stakeholders might receive an organisation’s information in the connected digital world, be that Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn. Our solutions – often developed in collaboration with our network of specialist digital partners – help clients integrate their social media and email activities to drive web traffic, reach hard-to-access customers, widen reach and generate leads.


Case Study: How we helped increase sales leads

A client offering services to senior schools asked GKP to drive awareness and create content that would generate sales leads. Following the production of a thought-leading white-paper GKP developed an email and social display advertising (using Facebook and the Google Display Network) campaign to relevant year heads. A quarter of all secondary schools downloaded the paper and a third asked for more information from the client.

What others say


“If you're looking for a team of strategic thinkers who execute flawlessly, this is it”


“Working with GKP has led to a step-change in the way we approach our PR activities”


“GKP’s support has been invaluable in helping us convey what makes our offer distinctive”